Black Impact Class of 2020 Awards

About the Award

2020 saw the successful launch of the Black Impact Class of 2020 awards. The aim of Black Impact’s “Class of 2020” event was simple: Acknowledging the struggles, celebrating the successes, and sharing the inspiring stories of one generation of Black graduates to another and the world

In what has been a difficult year, Black Impact managed to hold a spectacularly successful event that highlighted the best Black student talent from across the United Kingdom. In the year of the pandemic, the story of Black students was one of survival and their journey through university was challenging; with issues such as remote learning, social isolation, and financial difficulty disproportionately impacting Black students and their families. These difficulties were set against the backdrop of systemic issues such as a 26% attainment gap, disproportionate representation in the unemployment market, and in the face of everyday racism, making it through the year without the prospect of a graduation ceremony further dampened their morale. 

The Class of 2020 initiative provided a national platform that recognised and celebrated Black academic achievement. The key highlights were: 33,807 votes produced 8 winners emerging from 10 categories, having drawn nominations from across the UK and viewed live by over 30,000 people.

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