Terms and conditions:

The Black Impact Class of 2020 Award finale is expected to take place on August 27 or 28, 2021 (TBC) as a hybrid event (in person and live-streamed event). Streaming channels will be announced in due course.

The nomination and voting will take place online via the Black Impact website and any other channels are not valid.

An expert independent panel of Judges (hereafter ‘the Panel’) will convene after the nominations period is completed to decide the shortlist for each category where nominations are received.

Each category will have at least one Judge or more. The Panel will be guided by the following terms:

  1. The Judge(s) will produce a shortlist after reviewing nominations that closely meet the criteria.

  2. Each Judge (depending on the stage of the shortlisting) and the panel have the right to amend elements of any award such as the criteria or the numbers to be shortlisted, should a consensus view be reached – provided such changes remain within the spirit of the award.

  3. There can only be one winner per category and the winner of each category will the finalist with the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period. However, in the event of:

  4. A tie in the public vote between two finalists obtaining the highest number of votes in any categories the award will be shared amongst those two.

  5. A tie in the public vote between three or more finalists obtaining the highest number of votes, in any category will result in the category being reopened for a further 24hrs following the close of voting.

  6. Voting is only open to individuals within the UK, and not to any agencies, businesses, and/or companies. Please note that Black Impact’s employees, volunteers, or connected persons who are in any way connected to the vote, their close relatives, or anyone directly connected in any way with the production of the program are not eligible to vote.

  7. The Panel will undertake a backup vote for the Class of 2020 award in the unlikely event of problems with the public vote.

  8. Opening and closing periods are as specified.

  9. Black Impact reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent, excessive, or suspicious patterns of voting have occurred or if it considers there has been any attempt to rig the voting.
  10. Winners will be required to sign an agreement and other relevant documents after winning.

  11. Winners are required to attend the winner’s boot camp in early September 2021.