Black Impact Class of 2021 Awards (CLASS OF’21)

About the Awards

After a very successful launch of the Class of 2020 Black graduate awards, we are encouraged to bring it back and keep it running!!!. 

In what has been a difficult year in the context of a pandemic and lockdown, Black Impact managed to hold a spectacularly successful event that highlighted the best Black student talent from across the United Kingdom. Key highlights were: 33,807 votes produced 8 winners emerging from 10 categories, having drawn nominations from across the UK and viewed live by over 30,000 people on live TV. This provided a unique platform for some of Britain’s brightest and best talent and the calibre of the winners last year was both remarkable and quite exceptional. 

Testimonials from Black students and the winners of the Class of 2020 awards have indicated that we should keep it going. (Click here to read).  

The aim of Black Impact’s “Class of” initiative is to celebrate Black graduates nationally, acknowledging the struggles, celebrating the successes, and sharing the inspiring stories of one generation of Black graduates to another and the world. 

Nominations for the 10 award categories are now open.
Click HERE to nominate yourself or someone you know.

Our Judges will be screening all entries thoroughly and then finalists will be announced before voting opens. 

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To learn all about the class of 2020, click HERE.