Abigael Bamgboye
Imperial College London

Hi, I’m Abigael. I’m the 2018 Female Undergraduate of the Year and I recently graduated from Materials Science and Engineering (1st Class, MEng) at Imperial College London with a semester at MIT. I’ve always loved learning and helping people to reach their full potential; starting an events committee in my first year of university taught me that I loved implementing initiatives that improve student well-being, career preparedness and commercial awareness. Leading Imperial’s Materials Society as Vice President and later President, and launching Imperial’s first Materials Careers Fair, along with the time I spent at MIT, were some of my major highlights at university. Outside of academics, I’ve enjoyed applying my engineering mindset to designing and making products, from my YouTube channel teaching people how to sew (madebysimstatic) to my Etsy store selling handmade 3D-printed gifts (Bee Delighted).

Alice Olomola
University of St. Andrews

My name is Alice Olomola and I am a current graduate from the University of St. Andrews with Master of Arts with Honours in Philosophy. I was the ACS president in my final year and created the BAME students Network during this time in order to connect recent graduates, postgraduates, incoming students, and Alumni students in order to coach and mentor each other to take up space in white-dominated institutions. I also co-founded the Ubuntu showcase in 2018 which showcases the excellence of fashion and talent amongst the black and ethnic minority student community. I enjoy participating in debates and creative opportunities in my spare time.

Fernanda Prata
Swansea University

My name is Fernanda Prata and I was a business student. I was born in Luanda, Angola, but I grew up in Portugal. My favorite hobby is playing the piano and crochet. My most significant achievement is coordinating a social program in which I was able to help BME people to integrate into the community.

Jade Macpepple-Jaja
University of Law

My name is Jade Macpepple Jaja. I am a law graduate and content creator from South London. I love fashion styling and sneakers and I am passionate about getting other young black girls into law. My biggest achievement has been designing my own sneaker for Nike!

Jaizzail Ofori
City University of London

Hello, my name is Jaizzail Ofori and I have recently been nominated for the academic excellence award and resilience award in the Black Impact class of 2020. I am a 21-year-old City Law school Graduate who has a history of striving to use my position to make society a better place for us all. I have been actively involved in charity work for Anchor House, Richard House Children’s Hospice, St Joseph’s Hospice, and Octavia Foundation. My proudest commendation for this work was receiving the Catholic Schools Citizenship Award. My hard work and dedication have enabled me to graduate from City university with a first-class honor in Law with Commercial Law and ranking second in my cohort.

Kathy-Zoe Baira
Birmingham City University

My name is Kathy-Zoe Baira, born in Kwekwe but raised in Chivhu, Zimbabwe. I’m an LPC & LLB graduate from Birmingham City University. I’m an activist, advocate, short story writer, cook(@chefzoecreations – on Instagram) , baker, and terrible singer (but I sound great in the shower). I’m the outgoing Vice President of Equity and Inclusion at Birmingham City University Students’ Union. My recent achievement has been inspiring a fellow student to stand, run, and win the election within my Students Union.

Kofo Ajala
University of Bristol

My name is Kofo Ajala and I’m an aspiring journalist from North London. I love live music and theatre and I’m always on a look for a new creative outlet to obsess over for about a week. During lockdown my fleeting creative outlet was embroidery. As a “writer” I’ve always found the best stories lay in things that helped me look inward. When art and identity come together you can create a beautiful thing that speaks to people in such intimate ways. My proudest achievement was being invited to speak at a webinar for young creatives with Boomsatsuma. I think it was the first time I saw how far my work had gone and the value in it. But, with your votes, I’m hoping to make the Black Creative Award my next proudest achievement.

Lauryn Pinard
Royal Holloway University of London

My name is Lauryn Pinard and I’m a fresh graduate from Royal Holloway. I grew up in the West suburban Paris and I always been passionate about performing arts which I had the opportunity to study at university with a BA Dance and Drama. My most significant achievement would be to have graduated with a First-Class Honours degree despite having experienced failure with a previous university and a challenging health condition. My work and my perseverance allowed me to gain valuable opportunities such as directing two plays in an online play reading of Black Lives, Black Words.

Malaika Mills
The University of Huddersfield

Hey everyone, my name is Malaika Mills I’m 23 years old and I have a 2:1 BA (Hons) Events Management degree from The University of Huddersfield. I grew up as an only child in Manchester, Old Trafford with a single Mother and my Mum is my biggest inspiration. I am so grateful that she nominated me for this award, and I could never do enough to repay her for everything that she has done for me. I am currently the Assistant Manager at a local bar in Huddersfield which I absolutely love as I work in a great community environment. When I’m not working, I volunteer at a homeless shelter and it is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Marcel Hedman
Cambridge University

My name is Marcel Hedman and I am a physics graduate from the University of Cambridge. I grew up in Croydon, South London and from a young age, I have played hockey having represented England and the Cambridge University first team. I am passionate about providing platforms for success and this has been a big driver in my activities. In this vein, I am in the senior leadership team for the Future Leaders Network which is a national non-profit creating the next generation of youth leaders and sends delegates to the G7 and G20 youth summits.  I have also served as treasurer for Cambridge ACS and founded the Cambridge faction of the global student consultancy called ShARE. With ShARE, I ran a global conference which attracted students from over ten countries and had influential figures such as Tony Blair attending as speakers. Furthermore, I lead business development for “MOSAIC.” which is a platform for ethnic minority creatives and last year launched its first physical print. Next year, I am heading to Harvard having received a full scholarship and aim to tackle research at the forefront of scientific innovation.”

Mary Akpeki
University of East London

My name is Mary Akpeki and I just graduated from the University of East London studying Psychology. I run an Instagram page with my girlfriend (@jasandmary) to empower black queers and provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. I also have a personal Instagram page (@chinaye_) which is all about celebrating body positivity! I enjoy writing poetry and I am currently co-writing my first novel with my best friend. One thing I am very proud of achieving is finishing my degree with a First!

Promise Ahante
Imperial College London

I am Promise, a Shell scholar at Imperial College London, and the outgoing Society of Petroleum Engineers President. I volunteer as an ‘Energy4Me’ advisory team member for North Sea, South, Central and Eastern Europe where I support in educating kids about energy and STEM.

Risata Abena Kufuor
Imperial College London

I started my YouTube channel to educate and as an avenue to express my creative talents outside of academia namely music production, rapping and content creating/editing. I have been writing music for over a decade now but only in recent years have I gone public with the content. I am a creative academic, so I have numerous academic pursuits likewise; I have conducted scientific research projects and quality improvement projects, some of which have been presented at international conferences. I am also part of the running of initiatives to give insight and to support students with their applications for STEM courses at university. As such, I am involved in the mentorship of the next generation of scientists.

Sara Hoga
University of Gloucestershire

My name is Sara Hoga and I was nominated for Black Impact Entrepreneur award. I grew up in Leicestershire and my favourite hobby creating content and makeup. My most significant achievement is graduating and creating a change within the Afro-Caribbean Society at my university. I enjoy meeting and engaging with people from different walks of life.