Arnold Nyendwa is an entrepreneur and inventor who pioneered the first stainless steel, stove powered by LPG Gas, electricity and solid fuel in Africa. Inspired by marginalised people in Zambia, the invention aims to reduce adverse effects of charcoal and wood stoves and addresses load-shedding in a cost-effective manner. This young inventor is making strides for his invention to cross borders all over the continent. 2021 winner African Genius Awards


I’m Emmanuel you can call me Manny. I’m 25 years old, I was born in Congo but moved over to England when I was 10.

During my time in the UK I lived in London, Manchester, Preston and made my way further up north to finally be based in Newcastle.

I recently just finished my masters in Exercise Psychology and second term as first black President at Northumbria SU where I broke the record for most votes. During my Presidency I was able to launch a community based leadership programme for black students, whilst was also captaining a top 4 professional basketball team here in England.

I am a part-time/freelance content creator for Totum UK and aim to make content creating my fulltime job. Thus far my content creation has ranged to anything, from student life, to on-brand relatable TikToks with my aim being to always make someone smile.”


Louisa is a law graduate from Liverpool Hope University and was the BME Officer at Liverpool Hope University 19/20 and has played a pivotal role in social change within the university. 

During her law studies, she founded the Black & Global Majority Student Network to protest the use of the acronym “BAME”. This has been proven successful as the University has begun to adopt the new terminology.

As Chair of BGM, she has worked and partnered up with organizations such as Lincoln’s Inn, Safeline, and Liverpool Football Club Foundation. In addition, interviewing a prisoner on Death Row in America Keith Lamar on his experience of being a victim of an unjust system. 

Recently, has begun presenting a new show called “Inside Voices” on the Radio Melodic Distraction discussing issues within the community on a deeper level. Inside Voices is an additional platform that inspires conversation about topics that are considered ‘inside talk’. Conversations that are in hushed tones that need to be normalised in the 21st Century. Inside Voices will celebrate and discuss roots, culture, racial equality and diversity.

The BGM Student Network consists of students from Liverpool Hope, John Moores, University of Liverpool and other Universities in the UK. BGM is a platform for students and young adults to campaign about issues within the community and raise awareness. BGM is designed to educate and empower and to reach out to the wider community, and create a safe space for learning, growth and healing in our community.

With BGM, Louisa envisions a student network that provides support and a safe system for other students.


Eric Mobu is an amazing speaker and a prolific writer with a team spirit of raising leaders to their full potential. 

He is the National Coordinator with Students for Liberty, Nigeria. Founder of Dynamic Leaders Firm, and a life coach. He is a graduate of Human and Forensic Anthropology from the prestigious University (University of Cross River State, Calabar). As a writer, he has published various articles on leadership, relationships, strategic planning, and individual development.

He is a volunteer leader with IMUN, Upkey, SFL, Liberty International, where he works as an Intern on content creation, leadership team lead, and activist on good governance and policy reform. He has a passion for raising excellent individuals to achieve their full potential. He has gained mastery on aspects like leadership, relationship, research work, mind dynamics, and strategic planning, goal setting, and entrepreneurial skills


My name is Joyce. I am a mother of three adorable kids. 

In July 2021, I completed my studies in BSc Nursing (Adult) at the University of Greenwich and am currently awaiting the start of my MSc in Global Public Health. 

While studying I worked as a student ambassador. I am a part of various specialisms including STAART, which is an initiative that supports students who have a disability, STAART encourages and provides information to disabled and diverse students who do not believe that University is for them. 

I am also a GREat Skills ambassador helping students develop their academic skills before and during their studies at university.  I enjoy travelling, reading and cooking. I am proud of my achievements at Greenwich and have always aimed to give something back to an institution that supported me as a mature student.