Ceewhy Ochoga | Founder / CEO

Black Impact was founded by Ceewhy. She was the first Black President of the University of Salford Students Union and before that, was founding member and President of the Middlesex International Students Association of Mauritius at Middlesex University (Mauritius Campus). 

It was in Mauritius that Ceewhy’s enthusiasm for student activism and engagement began and one of her significant achievements in Mauritius was collaborating with the University to successfully lobby the Mauritian government to give international students the right to work in Mauritius.

In her role as CEO, Ceewhy oversees and is involved with Black Impacts’ activities and provides strategic direction and leadership. Ceewhy is committed to seeing Black youth succeed in all spheres of their lives and continues to engage with them every day through Black Impact.

Lydia Amusan | Executive Assistant

Lydia is the Executive Assistant and provides administrative support to the CEO. Lydia works closely with Ceewhy to support her with the daily administration & delivery of Black Impact’s goals and objectives.

Lydia fills an important role, liaising between you and Black Impact, as well as coordinating events and assisting to oversee special Black Impact projects. Lydia believes in the vision of Black Impact and is committed to providing the support necessary to see the mission accomplished. Lydia is passionate about young people and has spent many years working with them and continues to do so through Black Impact.

Lord Simon | Baron Woolley of Woodford
Member of the House of Lords
Principal of Homerton College
Black Impact Patron & Awards Chief Judge

Lee Jasper | Strategic Adviser

Lee Jasper has been a consistent campaigner for social justice over the last 30 years and he has advocated for race equality and justice. He spent 8 years (2000 to 2008) as a Senior Policy Director for Equalities and Policing in London, setting new standards in innovative public policy in tackling social injustice, promoting community safety, driving world-class equality policy standards and delivering huge advances in diversity and representation in London’s public life.

He has established and co-founded several leading Black community organisations including Operation Black Vote, and over his long career has been a strategic adviser to several organisations including Black Men for Change Network and we’re proud to have him as our strategic adviser.

Osaro Otobo | Campaign Partner

Osaro works in the higher education sector as a consultant specialising in diversity and inclusion, and in democracy and governance. She is also Deputy Chair of The British Youth Council, working alongside trustees and staff to help young people make social and political change.

In 2020, Osaro was part of a project called ‘Universities responses to Black Lives Matter’ which has assessed ongoing work in the sector, which has now made recommendations to enable the sector to become anti-racist. 

Osaro studied at the University of Hull for her undergraduate and master’s degrees. She was elected for 3 successive years to work in the best interest of students at Hull; she was a postgraduate student trustee and a two-term President at Hull University Students’ Union. She was their first-ever female black president and the first Black two-term president. 

We’re delighted to have Osaro as a campaign partner for our Race Equality Now campaign.