Ceewhy Ochoga | Founder / Convener

Black Impact was founded by Ceewhy Ochoga. Ceewhy was the first Black President of University of Salford Students Union and before that, was founding member and President of the Middlesex International Students Association of Mauritius at Middlesex University (Mauritius Campus). In her role as founder, Ceewhy oversees Black Impacts’ activities and provides strategic direction and leadership.

O.O.Kukoyi | Advisory Board / Venture Architect

In his role on the advisory board, O.O. Kukoyi provides guidance on strategic development and implementation of solutions across multiple initiatives. He supports us in finding evidence-based solutions for issues related to market penetration, brand positioning, corporate structuring and market expansion. He is passionate about empowering African entrepreneurs to run businesses that drive innovation at a scale that pushes the continent into its much needed digital revolution.