When I was elected last year, I was the 2nd Black officer the union had ever had. I was part of an organisation which lacked Black representation and staff and I was equally working with a university who had the same issue. Black Impact allowed me to find a network of people who I could identify with and go to for support. I attended their launch and their Leadership training event, both of which allowed me to meet other black officers from across the country but also helped develop my skills. The Leadership event especially allowed me to see how other people have gone through similar things I have and how they got through them. Because of the work they did, and the training they provided, this year I was elected as the next Union President of Kent Union, along with 2 other Black officers who will be working alongside me. Making me the 2nd Black President in our history. In the space of 1 year the union now has its most diverse officer team in history and I believe Black Impact had a part to play in that. In the future I look forward to seeing how Black Impact can further enhance my leadership ability and develop my social activism.

Aaron Thompson
VP Activities, President-Elect.
Kent Students Union. 17/18

The networking opportunities Black Impact provided me was really vital and useful towards my re-election. I was inspired by the successes my counterparts in other Unions especially those who got elected before me.

Tochukwu Ajare
VP Welfare and President-elect Coventry Students Union. 17/18


Black Impact has helped me connect with other people in the student movement that I wouldn’t have been able to because my SU is no longer affiliated with NUS. I’ve been very grateful that Black Impact has given me a sense of community with other Black student officers, mostly because they experience the same things that I do in the job as an officer. It makes me happy to see Black officers celebrating other Black officers getting elected. It is really important for us to have that visibility in the student’s movement. As Black Impact gets bigger it would be nice to have events held in other parts of the country, so that people that can’t make it to London can attend things too.

Osaro Otobo
Hull Students Union. 17/18

Black Impact, personally speaking, is a very significant platform in the liberation movement for all Black students. It has inspired huge confidence in me, motivated me more to create a tangible impact on campus by expressing unfeigned love, sense of community, and friendship which are healthy ingredients for sweet student experience. My message to all students across the UK is let’s continue to create a more positive impact on our campuses because that is what we stand for.

Lawson Ogubie
Student President 17/18
Aberdeen University Students’ Association

In terms of support, the first training about how Black students win elections was really helpful and was an eye-opener to the issues Black students face during elections. Attending that training was a real advantage and I was able to put a lot in check during my elections. In the future, I think Black impact can be a wider community helping and training Black students across several universities. And also offer training to SU’s and white students on themes like unconscious bias among other things. I see Black Impact becoming an organisation that Black students can depend on for various university issues and challenges.

Abidemi Abiodun
VP elect, Bournemouth Students Union. 17/18

Participating in the recent training was awesome and interesting. I took home various ideas on how I could be successful in my Union election and most importantly it challenged me to put myself forward for the election.

I am looking forward to seeing Black Impact reaching all students, as well as educating and engaging with various students who self-identify with the group.

Ade Balogun
President elect, Bournemouth Students Union. 17/18


Black Impact created a platform for me to learn more about leadership. The training provided was useful in my campaign strategies and professional development. I found it as an opportunity and platform for emerging Black Leaders.

Adedoyin Adebanjo
VP Education Coventry Students Union. 17/18