Black Impact works alongside Fifty Black*[1] sabbatical Officers across thirty Student Unions in England and Wales and we are further supported by various African and Caribbean Societies (ACS) across the country, as well as a wide range of National Black organisations.

Together, we have developed Black Impact as a national African and Caribbean student network that seeks to support the leadership development and career aspirations of Black students in England and Wales. Central to our key objective is the desire to challenge structural racism, social and economic injustice and discrimination within higher education and wider society in general.

Black Impact’s mission is to raise, train, support and empower Black students in three main areas of development; ethical leadership, social/community activism and political representation/engagement as well as a focus on sustainable leadership and its relationship to Black mental health and wellbeing.

Through owned and collaborative events and activities, Black Impact strives to achieve its mission. We are fully committed to working in a collegiate and cooperative manner with a broad range of organisations that share similar values.

Since our launch in October 2017, Black Impact has strived to improve the lives and prospects of Black students. We have worked to be a catalyst for positive change and to advance the cause of Black students and youth in the UK. We believe that untapped potential lies within Black students and youth and we want to support them to realise their full potential. We do this through training/development sessions, networking events, workshops/seminars, as well as providing access to human and material resources. You can find more of our activities on the events page.

Our vision:

To become the number one organisation that represents the interests of Black students and youth in the UK by 2025.

Our values: Integrity, Passion, Commitment. 

Our long-term goals:

Black Impact is working to

    • Build an independent, national leadership and development network/hub for Black students.
    • Raise, train, support and empower the next generation of Black student leaders.
    • Create new opportunities for Black students through developmental, social and professional networking events.
    • Encourage, recognize and celebrate Black students in Further and Higher education for their work and contribution to society.
    • Bridge the unemployment gap for Black graduates.
    • Support sustainable entrepreneurial development.

Our Impact

  • Over 80% of students at our annual leadership conference who went on to stand in leadership elections in their Students Union have won their elections since 2018.
  • We’ve recorded a year on year increase in the number of Black students standing in Student Union elections since 2017.
  • New network of 50 Black sabbatical officers across 22 Student Unions in England in 2020.
  • Our leadership programme trained over 100 students in 2018.

[1] Black refers to people of African or Caribbean descent, and mixed-race people with African or Caribbean heritage